Superior Construction

Your home is an investment. Indigo Bay is being constructed to the highest standard to ensure that it will be your home for decades to come. 

The design and layout of the individual homes and the development as a whole has been carefully considered to optimize the lifestyle potential of the location and ensure it meets the needs of today’s home buyers.

Concrete Insulated Form-constructed interior and exterior walls are durable and highly insulating, reducing energy costs as well as buffering sound. Reef protected, with a stone coastline and a 9ft seawall, Indigo’s living floor heights are at 11’,12’,18’,20’ and 22’ feet above sea level. 

Indigo Bay’s design includes flat concrete reinforced roofs, grid pattern concrete interior walls and impact glass, as the development has been engineered to the newly updated Dade County and 2017 Cayman Island Building codes for hurricane resistance design.