Energy Efficient

Answering to the growing demand for green energy efficient homes, Indigo Bay has incorporated a wealth of sustainable measures: ICF constructed walls are durable and highly insulating, top-end energy efficient appliances run on propane, and air conditioning units are high seer rated.

Indigo Bay’s design includes flat concrete reinforced roofs, grid pattern concrete interior walls and impact glass, as the development has been engineered to the newly updated Dade County and 2017 Cayman Island Building codes for hurricane resistance design. 

Every unit comes with its own installed solar array, capable of producing $400 worth of electricity per month, outlets to charge electric vehicles in parking areas and the option to install a Tesla Powerwall for backup.

Community facilities are equally green, which keeps strata fees exceptionally low: separate solar arrays power the community facilities, the pool runs on a saltwater filtration system and the landscaping design requires minimal water and maintenance.